To ensure and provide diverse education for students, granting them access to different degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral) with international recognition.

Our 5 objectives:
In support of this mission, IAE Savoie Mont Blanc delivers programmes in five main fields: 

●    Economics and Finance
●    Marketing, Commerce, and Communication
●    Tourism, Hospitality and Event management
●    International Management, Purchasing and Supply chain
●    Information System

To offer accessible programmes that provide initial coursework, work-based learning, and continuing education.

To guarantee specialization for our students in the fields of business and management.

To ensure daily collaborations with local partners through intermediaries, such as the Corporate Club of the University Savoie Mont Blanc.

To expand programmes taught by researchers in management and economics, in conjunction with the renowned research laboratory at the Institute of Management and Economics Research, IREGE.