Sustainability within the L3 Marketing and Communications programme - Annecy

"Les Petits Ecol'o" - 2019

"Mom, Dad, what's sustainability?"
We helped the students at the Sainte Marie Lassalle school to answer this!
On March 11th and 14th we had two informative sessions called "Green Days". We provided interactive activities including how to recycle! The 100 students who attended were involved. To reward them for their efforts, snack time included locally sourced products and a diplome ceremony.



"We're Ready, Annecy!" - 2019

Have you heard of the "We're Ready" movement circulating around YouTube? Have you participated youself? Good news! IAE Annecy has jumped on the bandwagon too. Our goal is to advocate for waste reduction on campus with help from the French Association for Nature and the Environment in Haut-Savoie. Many things we throw away can be recycled! By recycling we can help alleviate the massive amount of plastics and trash that is dumped into our oceans every year. Our ecosystem can only take so much. "We're Ready, Annecy!" sets a goal related to sustainability each week. Visit the Facebook page to learn more! ("On Est Prêt - IAE Annecy")



"Snacks for the Plain-ete" - 2019

For this project we went the school "école de la Plaine" during their snack time to teach kids about the environment through food! We were able to achieve our goal through fun and interactive activities about nutrition. We were lucky to have partnered with AMAP Novel who provided the organic and natural snacks for our project.





"Advocating for the Sustainability of Tomorrow" - 2019

How will the businesses of the future look? How will they follow the guidelines from the United Nations on sustainability? These questions, among others, were discussed at the conference which took place on March 21st, 2019 on our campus. We partnered with AIODD (l'Alliance Internationale des Objectifs de Développement Durable) and invited various guest to present on the topic. Our key speakers were Pascale Fressoz, president of the Alliance; Justine Zawada of Somfy; and Stéphane D'Halluin of Botanic.  



Etu’Troc student platform - 2018

What do we do with everyday objects when we no longer need them? Throw them away? No!
Our goal was to promote reusing objects! Just because we no longer need to use something doesn't mean someone else couldn't benefit from it still. We wanted to teach students about consumerism and waste. We created a "give and take" box which allowed students to leave objects that others might want to take. We also created a Facebook page to facilitate exchanges.


Become a consumer-actor!  - 2018

The Association for Maintenance of Local Farmers (l'Association pour le Maintien d'une Agriculture Paysanne) in Pays de Faverges distributes organic produce at a fair price. Our project helped facilitate communication within the AMAP, build a vegetable garden, and teach the locals about the farmers in their area. We offred a more ecological alternative to mass distribution, and gave students the opportunity to discover the agriculture sector!


Gard'in School - Teaching kids about biodiversity - 2018

It's very important to teach kids about our impact on the planet as they are the future! We organised activites related to gardening for the students at the Saint Joseph school in Annecy. We taught them about sustainability while they learned how to garden using recycled materials. We wanted to teach them about the ecological problems going on today so they can impact the world tomorrow.


"When the bees get involved!" – Discover local agriculture and consummation – 2018

People are becoming more and more conscious of where their food comes from. Consumers are choosing to buy quality, local products instead of going to large supermarkets. We collaborated with Olivier Barrat, carterer and butcher of GAEC Le Chênet and Catherine de "La Ruche qui dit oui !" of Thorens Glières. Our goal: to teach the residents of Fillière about local and sustainable agriculture through a short film and a tasting of products.


Organic Cosmetics - 2017

Our goal was to teach the students and personnel of IAE about natural and/or organic cosmetics which are better for the environment and for your body. We worked with Annecy Cosmetics, a local brand which makes organic and natural products using only products from the region surrounding Annecy. Our event allowed us to present brands such as Ecocert and Cosmos, and help people know the difference between "natural" and "organic". We even had a workshop on how to make your own hydrating hand cream.

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Fair Trade Breakfast - 2017

While organic products are becoming more and more popular, people aren't acknowledging whether or not the products are fair trade. Our goal was to inform the student body at IAE about fair trade commerce and its challenges. We did this while hosting a breakfast with fair trade products. Commerce can be sustainable through dialogue, transparency, and respect.

Page Facebook d'Artisans du monde

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For my Planet, Discovering AMAP and Local produce 2017 -

Recently the media has been buzzing about the mistreatment of animals in the food-processing industry, along with genetic modifications. We rarely hear about alternatives to this dilemma. There are great alternatives not too far from us! Only 15 kilometers away is the Balmontin farm, managed by Odile Hameau. They offer a socially, economically, and environmentally friendly alternative to mass-produced food. Our goal was to teach our fellow students and personnel about eating seasonally and locally. Thanks to AMAP we held a bread-making workshop as well.
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Sensibiliser les étudiants au Green It - L3 MC, Annecy, 2017 -

Green IT is a non-profit that aims to reduce the social, economic, and environment impacts of the technology and communication sectors. With our Partner AFB, we organised events which allowed students to learn about how to reduce their impact via social media and pamphlets on campus.
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Sustainability within the L3 Business and International Commerce programme - Chambéry

"The Atom of Savoy" - 2019

Do you support France's transition away from nuclear energy? What is the impact of nuclear energy on the environment? The impact of nuclear energy is vast, from their construction and deconstruction to their biochemical waste. If France were to successfully shift from the use of said energy by 2035 what would that look like? What costs would be invoved? What about unemployment? All of these questions and more were adressed in our project.


"Green Beauty" - 2019

As sustainability becomes more and more important in our society, one can ask whether or not we apply the same principals to our skin? More recently, makeup and skincare brands have been jumping on the sustainability bandwagon too! At the "Univert" forum we taught people how to make their own natural products in a simple and cheap way!


"Green IT" - 2019

The impact of electronics on our environment are often disregarded, especially as we transition into the digital age. Although there are many positive factors, we must keep in mind that electronics create greenhouse gases during their creation, use, and when they are disposed of. To teach our target audience, we made an interactive activity with a quiz and photos teaching people how to properly recycle their computers and phones.


"Ecodesk" - 2019

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? How it is applied in businesses around the world? To answer these questions we focused on two businesses; Maped and Pilot which are French and Japanese. This project taught us about intercultural exchanges and how they function the global stage. We focused on the 3 pillars of CSR; the environment, economics, and HR; while conducting our research on their engagement.  


"The Green Way" - 2019

Comment construire une maison durable ? Cela n’est pas si compliqué : une bonne isolation issue de matériaux respectueux de l’environnement, des panneaux solaires, des puits canadiens, des piscines naturelles ... Il existe une multitude de solutions simples et efficaces qui permettent de vivre au quotidien de façon plus durable. Pour concrétiser ces concepts, nous avons conçu une maquette qui permet de visualiser les différentes solutions qui s’offrent à vous.


"Guess the organic products" - 2018

What does an organic certification really mean?
Organic farming has increased exponentially in the last ten years. From fruits and vegetables to processed food, these is something for everyone! Our goal was to inform our fellow students on how to differentiate products based on their packaging. We organized a taste test between products from France, Morocco, and Spain. These 3 countries have considerable différences between their policies regarding what can be listed as "organic".


"Sustainable Fasion" - 2018

- Hey! Do you like my new shirt? It's new!
- Yeah it's cool, where did you get it?
- "H&M", why?
- You should have come to our stand last week to learn about chemicals and bad practices used in fast-fashion. Chances are you might not even want to wear that shirt in 6 months!


"Carbon Footprint" - 2018

What is a "carbon footprint"? It is our ecological impact measured in hectares.
If everyone on the planet consumed like the French, we would need 3 planets! And (5.4 if they acted like Australians!) One must ask themselves, what is my carbon footprint? What is my personal impact on the environment? At our stand we help you get an idea by calculating the impact of objects we use in our daily lives.




50 Shades of Green - 2017

The students in the Business and International Commerce programme created an event called "50 Shades of Green"; a sensory-based, interactive experience all about sustainability.


Renewable Energy in Africa - 2017

What if climate change was a opportunity for growth in Africa?

A continent rich in natural resources, renewable energy could be produced in abundance. Solar panels, scooters that produce cold air among other inventions could be the answer to many societal and economic issues! Through our project we wanted to tell people about the innovations in Africa and countries are responding to the growing population and climate change.


Corporate Social Responsibility in China - 2017

CSR is a fairly new concept for businesses around the world. We wanted to inform students on how CSR presents itself in China. After many sanitary, social, and economic scandals, the country now has to treat these issues in a different way than before. This project focused on Chinese and international companies based in China and how they compare to their Chinese-French counterparts.

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Natural and Organic Cosmetics - 2017

Natural cosmetics are the latest trend, but what is their goal? Our goal was to understand the difference between organic, vegan, vegetarian, and natural products as well as their marketing and communication stratégies ("Lush" and "l'Occitane en Provence"). We hope to have shared our enthusiasm through a quiz on natural cosmetics and a workshop about making and testing home-made cosmetics.             

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How can we reduce our carbon footprint? - 2017

To bring awareness to this ever importantn issue, we examined the issue from multiple angles. What are the contributing factors? What is the average carbon footprint in France? Our sustainable picnic allowed people to see the impact of daily products on our carbon footprint from their production to disposal.

foot-print2.jpg                          stand-emprunte-eco.jpg