IAE Savoie Mont Blanc develops classes taught by experienced researchers in management, economics, computer science, industrial engineering, and languages, in conjunction with well-known research laboratories, including the Institute of Research in Management and Economics (IREGE); Laboratory of Computer Science, Systems, Treatment of Information and Knowledge (LISTIC); Laboratory of Systems and Materials for MEcatronics (SYMME); and Laboratory of Languages, Literature, Societies, Cross-border and International Studies (LLSETI).

A Research track for Students

Starting in September 2016, a Research Hallmark has been available to students in the Master’s programme in Management at IAE Savoy Mont Blanc. Students in the Master’s programme in Tourism Studies who request it can also pursue this track. 

The track allows students to complete a research course, conducing sophisticated research under the supervision of teaching-researchers from IREGE.

The 70-hour, three-semester programme is structured around: 

  • Methodological lessons to gain familiarity with the research methodology and to master the principles and techniques of data collection and analysis.
  • Lessons in the different facets of research professions in academic domains or in various public (e.g., local collectives, NGOs, professional syndicates) or private (businesses, banks) organizations.
  • Implementation of the lessons and tutorials in practice, by completing a research dissertation and participating in seminars within IREGE.

This research programme also can lead to follow-up studies toward a doctoral degree; it provides improved access to public and private research employment opportunities. 

Registration is subject to a selection process and requires a letter of motivation from applicants.