Covid-19 restrictions : Internships in non-European Union countries are forbidden until further information. Only internships inside of the European Union are allowed.

How to find an internship ?

The research for an internship abroad is the responsibility of the student. We invite you to consult the following website which lists organisations likely to offer internships abroad, particularly in Europe.

You can also consult the Club des Entreprises of the Université Savoie Mont Blanc Job Teaser platform which offers internship opportunities in France and abroad, some of which are reserved for USMB students thanks to the Club des Entreprises. 

The administrative responsible of your course may have leads on companies where former students have done their internship.

Where can I do my internship?

Departures to areas or countries classified as orange or red by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs are forbidden. You can consult the classification of the area you are interested in the "Conseils aux voyageurs" section (tab "Sécurité") of France Diplomatie.

Whatever your destination, you will need to get registered on the Ariane page of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

The registration to Ariane system is free and easy, it allows you to be alerted in case of a crisis in your destination country.

Internships in China or Russia are forbidden unless you have Chinese or Russian nationality.

How to obtain my internship agreement/convention ?

The procedure to follow is the same as for internship carried out in France, you will find all the useful information here.

Please note that destinations outside of the European Union must be validated by the IAE's international relations department which will sign your pre-agreement form before your agreement is issued.

How to finance your internship ?

The mandatory bonus from more than two months internships is under French legislation. This provision does not apply to international companies that are not under French law. You should therefore find out about the legislation of the country concerned.

Only compulsory internships granting credits can be financed by a grant.

Internships abroad during which you are living in France (ex. Switzerland) are not eligible for grants.

More information on internship mobilities and possible grants can be found on the Université Savoie Mont Blanc website.