Conditions for part-time/guest lecturers (décret n°87-889 du 29 octobre 1987)

  • Private sector salary : Work over 900 hours in a professional activity (or 300 hours in 3 institutions).
  • Non-salary activity: Business executive, independent contractor, self-employed: You must pay the Professional Tax or justify having worked in your position and been able to pay your expenses for at least 3 years. If you have worked under a different category, or for less than 3 years in the aforementioned categories, you qualify. However if you are a salaried executive, please complete the forms for "private sector salaried employee". 
  • Civil servant or temporary workers in the public sector: You must be authorised to work an additional position from your boss. Exclusion: Available; medical, maternal or paternal leave; research leave; A.T.E.R.; or a PhD candidate. Candidates must be Under 67 years old to apply.  
  • International independent contractors: If you are not a citizen of the European Union or Switzerland, please apply for a residence permit for a salaried worker. Proof of work is necessary for those from Algeria.
  • Artist, author or actor: be registered with the French Employment Agency (le Pôle Emploi).
  • Student: Be enrolled in a doctorate program or the equivilant.
  • Retired: Be younger than 67 years old, receive social security or a pension, have worked in a professional domain outside of IAE.

It is your responsibility to fill out the necessary documents in order to become an independent contractor at our institution.

All of the documents must be correctly filled out in order to receive payments.

Please make sure the following forms are complete, signed, and dated in a legible manner.

All documents must be up to date.

If you have completed another constituent please notify us so you do not have to fill out another application.

This application must be renewed each academic year prior to your start date.

Choose the corresponding application to your financial situation and send it to:

To lecture at IAE - Annecy :

Service Gestion Financière IAE Savoie Mont Blanc
Dossiers vacataires
4 chemin de Bellevue
74944 Annecy le Vieux Cedex
Mail :
Telephone : 04 50 09 24 56

To lecture at IAE - Chambéry :

Service Gestion des enseignants IAE Savoie Mont Blanc
Dossiers vacataires Bat 23/24
Domaine de Jacob Bellecombette
73011 Chambéry Cedex
Mail :
Telephone : 04 79 75 85 75

Payment information

Application for those in the Private Sector

Application for independent contractors, self-employed workers,and business executives

Application for civil servants or in the public sector

Application for international workers

Applications for actors, authors and artists

Applications for students

Applications for those in retirement

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