Will the courses I take on Erasmus count towards my degree?

For each exchange, a learning agreement must be established prior to your departure. After listing the courses and their credits; this document will then be signed by you, your program director, and the administrative coordinator.

What is the cost?

Other than the fees listed in the Erasmus+ chart according to country; courses are free. The only costs you will have will be for housing, insurance, excursions, etc., More information can be found on the page Financing your Study Abroad

What administrative procedures do I need to follow?

European citizens can travel freely throughout the EU therefore a visa is not necessary unless the country is listed as one of the "nouveaux entrants" (recents acquisitions). Non-european students can learn more about this at the International Relations office. 
Students must enroll in the Registry for French Foreigners Abroad: Ariane.

Will I have social security?

Upon receiving a response from the school of your choice, you will have to get in touch with your insurance provider to discuss receiving the "European Social Security Card"; It can take up to 3 weeks to receive this card. Do not forget, you must be registered as a student at IAE Savoie Mont Blanc during your term(s) abroad. Additional insurance options are available through your provider.

Do I need a language certification to study abroad?


While it is not required in Europe, if your program has classes, exams, etc., in the target language it is highly recommended that you have studied the language prior to your departure. However, in certain cases the university may offer an Erasmus Intensive Language Course. These courses teach less-spoken languages (so English, French, German, and Spanish are excluded). Since these courses are free for Erasmus students, we recommend that you sign up early. If you would like information on EILC; please contact the International Relations office.